We have made a heartfelt commitment to being a responsible brand and create consciously. Through the use of 14k recycled gold, ethically sourced or lab grown stones, and unconventional packaging made from recycled materials, we are linking our chain of production.  We support the idea of a closed loop and the minimal waste creation of goods.

Through our initiative, Linked Goods, we are able to continue to reduce our environmental impact by offering our community a service which allows for ANNETTA pieces to be returned to be recycled and reclaimed into new designs.  For every piece returned, we offer a discount towards a future purchase.

To link your goods, please email us at hello@annettaandco.com with images of your item and purchase history. Once the information is received and product authenticity is confirmed, we will provide an authorization number and shipping information for you to send your items via the shipping carrier of your choice.  Once received, we will evaluate the piece(s) and based on the current market value of gold will advise a discount to be applied towards your next purchase.

We hope you love Linked Goods as much as we do and welcome hearing from our community.  Please reach out to us at hello@annettaandco.com should you have any feedback, additional questions, or simply want to chat.