ANNETTA is a collection of responsibly sourced and made jewelry.  Our pieces are designed to complement one’s fluid style, ever changing moods, and closet of unique looks.  Made-to-order with 14k recycled gold and ethically sourced or lab grown stones, each piece is unlike another.

We create and produce consciously and are committed to minimizing excess and waste. Through our initiative, Linked Goods, our jewelry can be returned to us to be recycled and reclaimed into new designs.

 Our packaging, made from recycled and recyclable material, is minimal and unconventional.  We happily shy away from the typical box in a box in a box and sometimes simply use tissue. 

Our Founder  

ANNETTA is the family name of our founder, Laura Annetta Kaplan, who began an unexpected career in fashion working retail at the Gucci store in Boston.  She moved to London where she built a foundation of knowledge from European luxury houses Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.  Laura returned to the States and further cut her teeth in the fashion industry in NYC, ultimately holding senior merchant roles for Ralph Lauren and AllSaints.  In 2014, Laura joined the luxury footwear startup Paul Andrew and did some pretty cool things. 

In early 2020, Laura linked with a friend and expert jeweler and ANNETTA began to take shape. After a pause due to the world being turned upside down, ANNETTA launched in September 2020. Responsibly sourced and made pieces that are the perfect mix of cool glamour.

A Brooklyn girl, Laura is usually wearing at least 18 pieces of jewelry to complement her wardrobe of black. She is always laughing at her own jokes, cannot live without her daily horoscope, and is obsessed with walking everywhere.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Hoeffgen